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There is no silence greater than space when you're alone.

Gravity, the new film from renowned director Alfonso Cuaron, with screenplay written by himself and Jonas Cuaron, takes you to see the anguish that can be caused by an accident in the last frontier left to the human being: space.

And for this, Cuarón in Gravity hardly needed actors to achieve it. With just a handful of them, including his two protagonists, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, Cuaron shows you perfectly the horror of a seemingly routine spacewalk which ends in disaster, when the shuttle is destroyed, leaving astronauts Stone and Kowalsky (Clooney and Bullock) completely alone, bound to each other, but no way to speak and return to Earth. Lost in the terrifying expanse of space beyond Earth, which is the colossal scene of their death, as you can see in this Gravity wallpaper offer as a free download.


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